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Individual and Team Development

Leadership & Team Development

Personal growth and achieving optimal performance starts with understanding self and others, so we work with your team on increasing awareness and soft-skills development through customized programs and team workshops. Trust, Open communication, Commitment, Accountability and Focus on Results are the keys ingredients for optimal team performance and success. We support you in exploring each of these aspects and define actions to improve how your team works better together.

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Executive Coaching

Coaching is a powerful form of personal and professional development, where a coach uses a combination of observation, questioning, listening and feedback to create a conversation rich in insight and learning that helps you define where you are heading next and the steps to get there.

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Team development topics

Team dynamics are many times the key reason for less than optimal business performance. Communication and relationship between team members, understanding impact on others, dealing with change or adding members to a team are some of the key challenges leaders face. We can organize team activities to increase self awareness around these topics to facilitate reflection and positive change. Click below to see some of the main topics our customers are insterested in.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

We provide consulting services to help you embrace Digital Transformation and large scale Adoption of Technology and development of soft and digital skills.

We help you think about how to best make use of traditional and new technologies, such as Automation, Security, Content Management Systems, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D printing and Artificial Intelligence to improve user experience and outcomes.

Our services can include:

  • Definition of Strategy and Implementation plans
  • Selection and alignment of partners or suppliers to create a holistic solution
  • Organizational design and change management programs
  • Rethinking of outcomes, approaches and appropriate content
  • Technological Architecture Design
  • Project implementation support and success metrics monitoring


Articles and Videos

What kind of leader are you?

Leadership That Gets Results by Daniel Goleman

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How confident are you in your strenghts?

Amazing advert from DOVE highlighting the importance of portraying yourself at your best. This is only possible when you know yourself well and have confidence in your strengths.

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What we do

Accelerating Your Success

FCLR Consulting accelerates individual and team’s success, by helping people develop and grow and organizations align their human capital to their business strategy. We believe personal growth and achieving optimal performance starts with understanding self and others, so we focus on increasing people’s soft skills awareness, to improve how individuals get selected, hired, onboarded and how they develop in their careers. FCLR Consulting also supports leaders build sustainable change plans, from working through organizational transitions to increasing broad base adoption of technology.

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The team

Frederico Carvalho

Managing Partner

Executive Coach | Mentor | Entrepreneur | Business & Technology Adoption Strategist

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Lucrecia Richards

Managing Partner

Parenting Coach


  • Dubai, Lisboa, Madrid